What is MachCMS? It's a web based set of functions that allow you to easily manage a web site in a dynamic manner. It was built from the ground up to make managing web sites really easy yet powerful.

What is the main goal of MachCMS? To create a flexible, powerful, and simple way for anyone to manage their content on the world wide web.

Why? What's wrong with the others? Most of the other big players are either too complex or dumbed down. For example, most use a modular system. These modules are usually complex and it takes awhile in order to learn how to write your own.
Also many of them make it really hard to build your own custom theme or template.
MachCMS throws modules out entirely and customization through templates is very simple.

MachCMS only comes with a single template by default. It's basic purpose is to show you the template syntax for those who learn by example.
While anyone should be able to use and grasp it, writing complex dynamic pages requires PHP knowledge.

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