All administrative configuration is performed in the file named settings.xml. This is a simple XML file which defines a few things in MachCMS.


This setting is currently not in use. Eventually when or if we have support for multiple databases this may change.


The relative path to where your dynamic data should be stored. By default this is data/data.sqlite.
Make sure it's writable by your web server!


The template MachCMS should be using. By default it uses the "Silver" template which comes with MachCMS,
Look in the templates folder for available options.


What to do if a page is not found. By default this is "create". This default value creates a page in the database using default values. You can then edit the page using the web editor by passing the ?edit argument in the url.

Optionally it can be a page name. If it is, when a page is not found, MachCMS will redirect the user to that page.


The password needed before you can edit a page using the web editor.
It must be generated from the GenPass page.


What type of link system to use. By default this is rewrite. Below are the values explained.

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